Customer Testimonials
More TestimonialsWhat satisfied customers are saying aboutTico Tours™“The trip went extremely well. I don’t think we encountered a single logistics problem theentire time. The guide was excellent and it was a pleasure birding with him. The driver alsodid an exceptional job. The fact that we saw over 35 birds off a very difficult want list speaksfor itself. Please keep me informed on future Tico Tours, as I would not hesitate inrecommending you or using you again. Thanks for everything!”Anonymous,NC“Thank you for doing such an incredible job at coordinatingmany activities! I had a fantastic time!”Tina Trice, Richmond VA“Great trip and lots of laughs and memories! “Linda Mack, Sandy Hook NJ“Thanks! We had a great trip and I added 94 to my Costa Rica listand had 39 lifers. Most of all it was fun being in Costa Rica with a guide who tookcare of all the little stuff that comes up when you travel.He was a great organizer andterrific birder. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to organize another trip for me or my friends.”Carole Jones, Atadena CA“I had an awesome time and can’t express how much I loved those birds.Thanks again for putting together such an awesome trip.You did a lot of legwork and everybody really appreciated it. “Adam D’Onofrio, Dinwidde VA“The trip was awesome and Tico Tours did another excellent job planning it.Their local contacts really help make you feel like you’re in good hands!”Patrick Belardo, Piscataway NJ“Thank you for a wonderful trip. The guide worked very hard to ensure that everyone gottheir “target” birds and the driver was excellent and careful. I’ve already recommendedTico Tours to my plane seat companions on the trip home!”Marilynn P. Burke, Portland OR“ I had a good time and enjoyed travelling with you!Thanks for doing the hard work organizing and leading the trip. “Colette Buchanan, Monmouth Beach NJ“We were completely astonished by our trip and the beauty of the area.The birds and food were great, and staff excellent.We were very glad to be in an unspoiled quiet natural area.We made an excellent choice.”Anonymous, PA“We couldn’t be happier, and we are grateful to have found yourcompany and will continually use your experience for all of our future needs.We also will highly recommend your companyto all of our friends and neighbors.Thanks for all you did to make our trip one of the most enjoyable trips ever!”Dayla and Dave Sims, Redondo Beach CAMore Testimonials