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Our Leaders will serve as your host and general tour guide for the entire tour. Our leaders are also experienced bird guides. Other experienced,professional bird guides will be available at many areas visited. We are dedicated to ensuring your birding tour to Costa Rica ,or any other destination you choose,will be one of the, if not THE, best birding ventures of your life.

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Mike Boatwright
Michael R. (Mike) Boatwright, owner and operator of Tico Tours™, has been birding for over 35 years. He has birded extensively in North America,the Bahamas,Costa Rica, and Ecuador, including the Galapagos, and has a Life List of over 1500 species. He is currently a regional editor for Virginia Birds,a regular contributor to North American Birds, and has organized and lead numerous trips throughout the lower 48 as well as Costa Rica. Other birding activities and accomplishments include 15 year compiler for the Lake Anna CBC and originator/operator of the VA Birdline RBA for 10 years. In 2004, Mike completed a Virginia Big Year with a total of 344 species (third highest in the state).

Mike made his first visit to Costa Rica in February 2005 where he birded most of the areas described while amassing over 200 Life Birds. Mike started Tico Tours™ as a way of sharing the fantastic experience of a birding trip to Costa Rica.

Mike holds a Biology degree from Old Dominion University and has been a Chemistry Manager for the last ten years. His leadership skills will ensure every trip is well organized and lead with your satisfaction being his primary goal.

Andy Walker
Andrew (Andy) Walker has spent the last 22 years birding extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, North, Central, and South America. A love of traveling came about after he spent 2 years living in Kenya, which allowed for regular birding trips around the country and areas further afield such as to Uganda and The Gambia. Andy has been birding in Costa Rica since 2000 where he spent over 2 years living and working as a bird guide. His first organized tour of Costa Rica in June 2004 was very successful with over 400 species being recorded in 10 days, including many endemic and near-endemic specialties.

Recent birding trips taken by Andy have focused on the Neotropic, Nearctic, Asian and Western Palearctic regions with the aim of finding new locations to take birding groups, such as to Cyprus, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Canary Islands, Canada, United States of America, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, India and Borneo.

Andy holds an honors degree in Countryside Management and Ornithology from University of Hull. He is one of only twenty or so individuals in the UK to have earned this degree.  He has spent the majority of the last 10 years living in Yorkshire in the UK, one of the top counties for birding in the UK where he works as a Senior Consultant Ornithologist. Andy will put his education and birding skills to work for you whether on a tour in the UK, Costa Rica or elsewhere around the world.  Andy is dedicated to ensuring you will want to tour with Tico Tours™ again and again!

Vince de Boer
Vincent de Boer lives in Arnhem, The Netherlands. He has been an avid birder and guide for 20 years. Vince is especially keen on migratory birds. In the last 13 years he has developed his hobby into a great passion which has given him a chance to make a living in The Netherlands and other exciting locations. He has spent most of the last two years doing bird surveys in his homeland.

After finishing a bachelor degree in Nature Management in 2003, his passion for the birds lead Vince to Israel, South-Africa, and Costa Rica where he birded and participated in a variety of volunteer projects including the Northern Valleys Raptor Survey in Israel and a project on Black Harriers in South-Africa. In the winter of 2005-06 he had the great opportunity to experience being a bird guide at Rancho Naturalista in Costa Rica. Vince is dedicated, energetic, and has very keen eyes and ears. In addition to his native Dutch, Vince also speak fluent English and has a working knowledge of Spanish from his days a Rancho Naturalista. Vince will enhance any Tico Tours™ tour with his wit, charm, and enthusiasm.

Willy Perez
William (Willy) Pérez,a native of Ecuador, has been working as a guide for Maquipucuna and Kapawi Lodge in Ecuador since 1998 and is one of the best and most sought after guides in Ecuador. Willy's great knowledge and passion for birds is unique

Nurlin Djuni
Nurlin Djuni, a native of Palu, is one of the most experienced guides in the Sulawesi area. Nurlin is available to meet birders in Palu, Torajaland, or Manado. From there he will guide you to any number of locations throughout Sulawesi. Nurlin has been making the visit of international travelers to Central Sulawesi more pleasant for a number of years, and with his ability in local languages and dialects, as well as English, and his huge smile, I am sure he will make your trip with Tico Tours™ more memorable too.

Andrés de la Torre , is a native of Quito, Ecuador, and has worked as a naturalist guide since his college days when he studied biology. He is well informed about his country's culture, history, and spectacular natural places, and loves sharing his knowledge with our guests. Andrés has guiding experience in the rainforest, highlands, and the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador, and when not guiding, enjoys mountain biking, running, and climbing.

One of the most experienced guides in Ecuador, Andrés is a trilingual naturalist guide who speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. He has a tremendous enthusiasm, excellent knowledge of Ecuadorian History and good knowledge in birdwatching

Andrew v. F. Block resides in Bronxville, New York. Andrew is interested in and enthusiastic about all forms of wildlife. After high school, he pursued his interests in obtaining his degree in Wildlife Management from the State University of New York, Cobleskill where he graduated with honors. During that time he became an avid and knowledgeable horticulturist, insect collector and birder.

In addition to being a very skilled and avid birder, Andrew is also quite knowledgeable in herpetology, botany, and entomology. He has participated in, co-lead, and lead trips to Costa Rica, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Texas, and New York. Andrew is indefatigable, enthusiastic and great at finding and identifying birds.

Personable and enthusiastic, Andrew is an excellent guide, companion, teacher, and leader in the field. Tico Tours™ is excited to have Andrew as a leader and we are sure you will be excited to have him as a leader too.

Andrew Block


Andrés Trujillo is a very knowledgeable guide with a background in Ecology and tourism, he has a decade of experience in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador and more than six years of experience birding elsewhere in the country. His passion for bird life is tremendous - he can identify many bird species with just the sound of there trill.